Web Standards and Browser Compatibility

Main Code

The source code (HTML) used to create the web pages of Hanks-Place.com is HTML 5.00 Every page has been verified using HTML Validator for Firefox.


Our Cascading Style Sheets are all Verified CSS 3.0 Style Sheets. All Hanks-Place.com web pages have been tested with and will render properly on all the most popular modern, standards compliant web browsers.

Java Script and Flash

We have tried to keep the use of Java Scripts to a minimum.  We use a Java only to display photo enlargements. You must have Java installed and enabled in your browser if you want these items to function properly.

Adobe Flash is used to provide weather and time information on a few of our web pages and some of the Google Ads are rendered using Flash. To view these pages properly you must have Adobe Flash installed and enabled on your browser.


Microsoft Internet Explorer Improves, But Still Not Lacks Some HTML 5 Support

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9. This browser is a quantum leap toward compatibility, and appears support most the HTML5 and CSS 3.0 rendering features. IE9 is a very nice looking browser, clean and easy to use. If you must use IE, get IE9 and see what you have been missing. Of course, you must also upgrade to Windows 7 if you want to use IE9 since it will not work with Windows XP.

At Hanks-Place.com we have decided that we will make no extra effort to support any version of Internet Explorer older than IE7, nor will we support any other none standards compliant or obsolete browser. Too much is enough. However, since most the HTML5 element tags that are not supported by IE8 are more for semantic markup rather than rendering, we have included a small JAVA script to allow these elements to display on IE7 and IE8. They may or may not display properly on IE6.

Time To Upgrade

If you want to see these pages as the were intended to look, give one of the new superior browsers a try. Firefox3.6, Opera, Google Chrome and the Internet Explorer 9(beta) are all excellent browsers, they are FREE, they are very easy to download and install. Plus they have many features that are not available on older browsers. Visitors using any Microsoft browser or early versions of most other browsers will likely have problems viewing this site. It is time to move into the 21st century and upgrade to a true standards compliant browser.

Note: IE9, as nice as it is, will only work with Windows 7 or Vista.