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Andros Bahamas Cave and Blue Hole Diving:

"You can touch both walls at the same time and the passage seems to go on forever. There is no sign of the ceiling and the floor disappears into the darkness." Brian Kakuk, World Class Cave Diver

The image that this statement invokes would send a chill down the spine of most people, I know it does me. But make this statement to a group of cave divers and you will have an attentive audience indeed. Now just mention Andros Island and you will be able to hear a pin drop.

Andros Island has long been regarded by many world class cave divers as the ultimate diving destination. With literally hundreds of Blue Holes, fault line caves and Ocean Holes, cave divers and scientists using advanced diving technology have been given an opportunity to see deep within the interior or the Bahamas limestone platform.

Below are photos of fish found on the Andros Barrier Reef.

Yellow Goat

Atlantic Spadefish

Banded Butterfly

Black Hamlet

Black Jack

Blue Tang

Reef Shark

Dusky Shark

Flying Gurnard

French Angle


Gray Angle


Great Barracuda

Green Moray

King Angle

Rock Lobster

Manta Ray

Nassau Grouper

Nurse Shark


Porcupine Puffer

Princess Parrot Fish

Purple Mouth Moray

Queen Angel

Queen Trigger

Red Hind

Rock Beauty Angle

Sargent Major

Scrawled File Fish

Sharp Nose Puffer

Soldier Fish

Spanish Hog Fish

Spot Fin Butterfly

Spotted Moray

Stoplight Parrot Fish

Tiger Grouper

Trumpet Fish

Green Turtle

White Spotted Filefish